Satake Megumi universal knife 12 cl

$32 USD

Satake Megumi universal knife 12 cl

$32 USD

12 cm Satake Megumi universal knife

Versatile kitchen knife that is used to cut small and medium-sized products and, if necessary, also to peel vegetables and fruits. He does an excellent job of crushing garlic, cutting tomatoes or dividing small sandwiches. Successfully replace the chef's knife in case a long knife turns out bulky.

Technical data:

Blade - 420J2 steel

Mango - plastic and magnolia wood ring

Hardness - 56 HRC +/- 1

Total length - 23.3 cm

Sheet length - 12 cm

Sheet width - 2.9 cm

Sheet thickness - 1.9 mm

Sharpening method - double-sided symmetrical cut

Weight - approx. 55 g

The Megumi Classic series is an excellent introduction to the world of traditional Japanese knives. The solid blades are made of 420J2 stainless steel with a hardness of 56 HRC +/- 1, which is extremely resistant to corrosion and easy to sharpen. The classic round handles of light and natural wood are reinforced with a durable plastic ring, which effectively prevents the blade from sliding. Megumi means "blessing" in Japanese, because the knives in this series are perfect as a first step on the long road to learn the secrets of Japanese cuisine.

Satake offers a wide selection of durable and easy-to-use knives, which are completely manufactured in Japan. Satake Cutlery Mfg. Co., Ltd. has been dedicated to the production of high quality products at affordable prices since 1947. The company has a well-equipped production plant in the city of Seki, which is world famous as the capital of Japanese knife making, and modern industry coexists there with traditional blacksmithing. Thanks to the unique combination of innovative technologies and artisanal technology, robust tools are created that maintain durability during hard work.

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