Kirtisuke Seki Mae - Damascus steel - 8"

$140 USD

Kirtisuke Seki Mae - Damascus steel - 8"

$140 USD

Kiritsuke is a traditional Japanese knife known for its unique shape and versatility, it is an all-rounder. It resembles a combination of a Western chef's knife and a sashimi knife,

It is used for a wide variety of tasks in the kitchen, cutting and filleting meat and fish, chopping and cutting vegetables and vegetables.

The blade is composed of a core of high hardness steel VG10 (vanadium gold hardness 10) providing an unmatched edge that allows clean and easy cuts, without exerting pressure.



• Damascus steel with 67 layers, 33 layers per side,

• VG10 core.

• Hardness 60-62HRc

• Length: 20 cm

Handle: Sandalwood, resin, and aluminum trellis and sides.

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