Who we are

We bring the best knives in the world for the most demanding lovers of the kitchen. Ancient Japanese art now available in Chile and Mexico. 

Our office is placed in 66 West Flagler Street Suite 900, Miami FL

The Japanese Knives, of the brands that we commercialize, meet and exceed their requirements. They can make use of the technology of a thousand-year-old tradition. They come, among others, from the cities of Seki and Sakai, often known as the heart of the incredible tradition of the Japanese knife. They have made everything from Samurai sabers to kitchen knives here for almost 800 years. It is also because of the care of these traditions that our

brands have become the best known and renowned manufacturers in Japan. So now in Chile, we can enjoy the incredible quality of these knives. Buying these models is more than buying a knife, it is a piece of art.

In Japanese knives.cl, we have a wide variety of models at your disposal.

We invite you to be part of this tradition.