Shipping terms


Final shipping time is subject to UPS distribution and service times. At the time of placing your order the system will automatically calculate an estimate of receipt of this according to your address.

A tracking number (transport order) will be delivered to your email registered in your purchase, with which you can track your order by entering the number in the following link

The dispatch of the products will be made at the address that the client indicates at the time of generating his purchase, except that the company Chilexpress does not have distribution in his area to which delivery will be made in a nearby office. On the other hand, the order will begin to be worked from the day after the purchase and / or the next business day as appropriate.

The stock available in Florida, USA will have a dispatch of up to 5 days a day within the same state, and for other areas of the country can be delivered within a maximum period of 10 days.

As for special orders that are in Miami (Florida) these can be delivered in person